Adelaide Fringe Poster Design Competition Entry

My 2021 Poster Design ‘Adelaide Fringe Bouquet’ represents the fringe in a number of ways. Firstly it presents a symbol of diversity through the variety of shapes and colours brought together in the bouquet, representative of the range of diverse people, events, shows and exhibitons brought together in the Adelaide Fringe. This bouquet is also symbolic of how the city springs to life during this time of year, with the human features adding an element of surprise and excitement, giving it an extra livliness that shows that it’s the people involved – fully flourishing and budding artists alike – who truly make the Fringe what it is. A bouquet is often given as a gift and in this case acts as a token of celebration for the love and pride we have for the festival and the joy it brings to the community, as South Australia gives the gift of the Adelaide Fringe every year as an opportunity for both artists and audiences to experience. The Adelaide Fringe bouquet is a pocket of magic and life, something that won’t last forever, but something to be cherished while it’s here.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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