This post is loooooooong overdue since this was a class I took in February BUT I only just got around to scanning my sketchbook. So… I present my sketchbook and a few other random studio drawings from my 2-week Advanced Life Drawing intensive class from earlier this year! Since taking this class, in the past months I’ve realised how much I enjoyed it, and how much I actually miss life drawing, so at some point I’m definitely going to try and attend some life drawing workshops or groups, or…. just draw more strangers!


This was the first ever time I had drawn people in public and it was honestly a challenge and kinda was scary but I’d for sure like to do it again at some point. The requirements for the sketchbook assignment were: a couple of clothed and unclothed life drawings from in studio, 4 drawings in a natural environment, 6 drawings in a build environment, 5 drawings from a different perspective, 5 drawings of a group of 2 or more people, 10 free choice, and 1 drawing with 3 figures showing a progression of action. The locations where I chose to draw were: Rundle Mall, Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide Botanic Gardens, along the River Torrens, and a bunch at the Adelaide Farmers Market.

The media I used throughout this sketchbook are: 2B graphite mechanical pencil, Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black pencils 7B-9B, Winsor & Newton Drawing ink sometimes watered down in an aquabrush pen, Charcoal pencils 4B, 6B.

As a fun little recap, these drawings are my favourites πŸ™‚

Studio Drawings

These are definitely not all the drawings I completed over the 2 week period, but a lot of them were just scribbles and process drawings to learn about structure and whatnot, so nothing super revolutionary or worth showing. Nevertheless, these are a few of my best drawings πŸ™‚ my favourite by far being the charcoal portrait, which is also one of the last drawings I completed.

2019 – 2020 Improvement

For a lil’ bonus piece of content and memorabilia for myself, I’d just like to draw a comparison between these two drawings. Both of these were completed during the final day of my life drawing intensive classes, just half a year apart. Both were my favourite drawing from the class and I am shocked to see the improvement. I can so very clearly see now the structural and tonal flaws in the 2019 portrait and the likeness to the model I achieved in the 2020 drawing is far far better (I’d like to point out that they are the same model)! Seeing these two side by side makes me even happier with my 2020 drawing, especially since I got more done more quickly, AND drew clothes, which is something I’d never really properly attempted before my 2020 class.

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