escapril day 30: catharsis

My eyes sink closed
As my body sinks into water,
I lie in candlelit darkness
Soaked in a substance that
Could kill me if I slipped
(But I won’t think about that).

Immersed in bubble bath scents
And sensations, I breathe,
I breathe, I breathe deeply,
And the water softens my skin
And the warmth softens my mind.
In with fresh oxygen and out with
A build up of grime.

Impurities extracted from both body
And brain, as I am surrounded
By the dainty crackles and pops
Of tiny bubbles bursting.
I let them collect the dirt
And behind my closed eyes I imagine
My worries disintegrating into thin air
With the bubbles as they explode.

Eventually I feel cleansed enough
So I pat dry the remnants
That cling to me, pull the plug and
Watch the dregs swirl down the drain.
I am squeaky clean, pristine
And I can sparkle once again.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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