escapril day 18: a happy place

I can find sanctuary with as many people as I please
But it’s with myself that I need to find ease, where tears
Can flow as freely as laughter.
A happy place is more than pleasure and adventure,
It’s comfort, it’s safety, it’s home.
I can’t expect to fill a void with a hand, when I need to decipher
What to do with mine before ever expecting to hold another.
No home will ever be more lasting and stable than the skeleton
That keeps me together even when my mind tries to fall apart.
My bones may break or fracture, my heart may shatter
But my skin forever contains it all, and still,
They will be eternally mine.
I may be the only person
I ever truly belong to, and I’m okay with that,
As long as I feel that belonging at the heart of me.
I will always be growing
And if I can’t find a happy place in my potential,
I don’t know where else it would be.
A happy place cannot create an escape, I should not use it to hide
From myself, when it’s a place found within me.
It should be seen more than heard and felt more than seen,
It should be able to be found everywhere, if I just close my eyes
And breathe.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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