escapril day 16: any dreams?

the sun rises as soon as it sets, did time skip
or did the sky forget to turn blue?
sometimes leaves forget to crunch when they’re stepped on
and silence is as disturbing as a ceaseless sound,
there’s a pounding in my ear that’s both muffled and loud.

if I could see sounds I’d imagine them to look how
I’m feeling them right now,
swirling steam or swelling waves,
billowing clouds or blustering gusts of wind
battering the brain and bruising clarity of thought,
shattering certainty, a distortion of reality, an onslaught
of chaos and I’m trying to balance on only one leg.

I am upright but the world’s on it’s side
topsy turvy tipped over, I’m tumbling,
a twisting entanglement of mind and limbs
left is right and up is down, jumbled sounds
spoken from who knows who’s mouth,
trapped in a turmoil, unbalanced and unstable,
I think half my body is detaching from my skeleton
and both my eyes are looking but only one of them can see,
I walk but there’s ground under only one of my feet.

half of me is awake and half of me is dreaming
it seems, only one hand can touch the clouds
the other passes through, but which is which?
I think half of my mind has been switched
off, only half the world feels real to me.

Notes: Currently one of my ears is all blocked up which makes the world seem unbalanced and disproportionate. This poem was prompted somewhat by my feeling of being in a dreamlike state because I’m experiencing things differently, and it just so happened to fit with today’s escapril prompt!

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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