escapril day 14: make it rhyme

Our days together don’t feel quite real
The sunrise, sunset routines still resume
But the clock stops on real life, plucked
And placed into a pocket universe with you.

My head on your chest as it rises and falls
And the rhythm of the thump thump
Thump is the only thing reminding me
Time is still ticking. The things that bump

In the night, don’t scare me here, and
It’s rare I forget to keep an eye on the clock,
But with you I don’t need to.
And the door to yesterday is locked,

Leaving me blissfully forgetful, and you
Are the beats my heart has skipped
I don’t mind when you corrupt my lungs,
It’s in the best way… I am stripped

Of breath every time I look at you,
I forget the importance of oxygen.

You hypnotise me.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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