escapril day 12: spring cleaning

We often forget to watch when dust and grime accumulates,
Collects under our nails, forms a film over our skin,
Nests in the fibres of our carpet, settles on outsides and within.
It’s a slow assembly of a compilation of the messes
We abandoned instead of disentangling.
We listen to music through knotted headphones
And instead of taking time to unravel the wires,
We learn to live with the discomfort.
A manifestation of laziness, is it weariness or just disinterest?
Why scrub a floor if it will only get dirty again?
Why solve our problems when we can ignore them, and
Learn to settle with a mess subtle enough to live with
But too overt to stop the toe tapping at our doorstep…
So we just turn the music up to drown it out.
How convenient it is we are blessed with the innate ability to adapt.

You may find there comes a day when subtlety becomes not so subtle
Because the chaos and clutter suffocates the heart.
It’s an anchor tied to your ankle and it’s often impossible
To feel the weight until you try to run.
We think things simply tarnish with time wearing at the surface
But the truth is it’s our vision becoming tainted,
Adjusting to the sight of grey instead of white because we forget
Quite how bright white can be.

Sometimes I find myself letting a mess build just so I can clean it
And feel the satisfaction of a weight being lifted, but what if
I simply never allowed myself to feel heavy.
A messy room is a messy mind, because my environment
Is an extension of me, and your mind can be refreshed if you
Find your way back to basics and
Brush your hair and close your drawers
And just pick things up off the floor.
If you clean the pen and dirt off your hands, the work you did remains
But doesn’t stifle your infinite potential to do more.
Every sunset is a chance to reflect on the messes you made that day
And every sunrise is a fresh opportunity to feel weightless
If you just wash your face.
You’ve less chance to trip if you tie up your shoes and
The sky changes colour
To inspire change in you.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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