escapril day 1: fresh start

You won’t always know what you want
Until you find it, and sometimes
You won’t find it until
You forget you’re looking.

I have begun to re-question my purpose.
What once meant too much is now losing its significance,
I do things without thought
That I always had to think to do.
I am learning that not everything we think
Always has to be said
And stories that once plagued me
Are no longer worth telling, because I just don’t need to tell them.
My music sounds better and
I like the music you listen to
Even more because I know you’re listening too.

I have realised you will not often notice toxicities
Until you find the opposite, and this new connection
Has refreshed my perspective
That has changed in the realising of my potential.
I always see the best in people, but now
I am surrounded by people who help see the best in me.

Every day is a new layer to our lives,
We will always be building upon ourselves.
We can never start over (and nor do I want to),
But you have stripped me of my stale skin,
You have allowed me to be me.

escapril is a poetry challenge created by Savannah Brown (love her!!!) basically ‘escaping into poetry’ every day in April. Like the Inktober of the poetry community. I am going to try and post every day, following these prompts, but I’m not getting my hopes up because I am still studying and I just might not have time. But these are the prompts I’ll be following and… yeah. Good luck me!!

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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