You say we ended
While still in the middle,
But if it’s over
Wasn’t that the end?
We’re in the middle of our lives
The middle of our growth
The middle of our timeline
In the middle of learning both
Who we are with each other and on our own.
I don’t know who I am yet
How can I ever expect to know who you are?

Maybe you mean
That while we reached the end of a path
It wasn’t a dead end but a fork in the road.
Still in the middle of a journey,
We’re continuing together but not in the same way,
Side by side but we’ve let go of each others hands.
It feels foreign and empty and
I’m not sure how it works yet but
This path will lead somewhere at least
And somewhere is better than nowhere.
It could lead anywhere,
I don’t know yet, does that mean
We’re at the start?

We’re not at the end
Or the middle
Or the beginning

But we’re simultaneously in all places at once.

Beginnings middles and ends
Happen every day
We are always
And never
At a beginning
And end
But we may not even realise
Until we see curiosity and questions before us,
Surrounding us,
Or we’re leaving them behind.

Perhaps we have ended
And were ending for a while but couldn’t see it,
But we ended while beginning something new,
And we’re in the middle of finding out what that could be.
We are everything at once,

Just think of where we could go.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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