I think we learn to exist inside of ourselves. We grow to feel trapped inside our minds. Habits and emotions and thoughts. They haunt our every move, our every step. It’s normal and human to feel an entire spectrum of emotions from the happiest happiness to the saddest sadness. It’s normal to feel it all. But I think negative emotions can take over and manifest themselves inside us, shrouding any possibility of a positive mindset.

Maybe to learn to be happier, we need to learn to open up. Not just let our feelings out to relieve the negativity, but let other things in. Learn to be part of the world. Maybe this is just about seeing things differently and looking at your position in the world as one that exists unanimously with everything around you. Look at yourself as something more than case that holds a mind inside with an outer shell to protect you. What if you don’t need to be protected? Your mind does not have to be contained. Neither does your heart.

Imagine your mind and its contents coat the outside of your skin, for all to see. If everything we think and feel and everything everyone else thinks and feels were always on display, would we ever have learned to be so ashamed of it all? If we let ourselves be touched by the world, by nature, by others, maybe then we can learn to see things differently and in a more positive light.

I exist on this earth to be a part of it, so why keep things to myself?

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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