I made a little film featuring some photos I took and some thoughts from today.

Here’s the link to the video:




And here are some photos featured:3C125306-0914-4470-8B31-4D062B9252AE.JPG230E1BAD-764E-47AA-9EFD-4362A1EFD515.JPG1118CFBF-DB81-42FA-AF55-F5A15EA091A0.JPGC189E672-93EF-4FF0-A684-F623084CEE1C.JPGF38CF8E1-FEE4-441E-9566-EA33B5BB915E.JPGFCFBF94A-08BE-41E4-8940-A2D0328FCA17.JPG9B2A4539-EF62-4F7A-B713-2342615AD7BB.JPG



Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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