I would try to forget your touch
But could never bring myself
To burn the memories
I knew I would one day learn to treasure.
I am a scrapbook
Of everyone’s touches
Everyone’s words; compliments
Or confidence crushers
I am a mix tape
Of the songs I sing in the shower
And the ones that touched my heart
Or made me blink back those
Bus tears.
I am a compilation of proud moments
And manic Monday’s
Mornings I woke in an unknown world
Because my dream took me somewhere magical.
Nights too excited to sleep
Birthday candles
Cutting cake wishes
I am a collage of everything I love
And everything I don’t.
The moments I choose to photograph
And all the moments I won’t.
I am everything I’ve ever laughed at
And all the times I’ve cried
I am all the times I’ve hidden away
And I am how I hold my pride.
I am a unique concoction
Of every second of me.
And without any one of those moments
I simply wouldn’t be.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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