One thing I’ve always found fascinating about humans is our need for meaning. This occurs in the simplest moments of every day life, like analysing the meaning in a text message someone sent us. Even if there isn’t actually a deep meaning there in the first place, the idea of anything such as piece of art or writing just existing without there being any more to it just seems.. not enough. I think sometimes people create meaning just to satisfy their yearning for it. For example, people try and derive meaning from an abstract piece of art that really is just lines and colours. I’m not saying that no piece of art or poetry has any kind of meaning behind it, because I’m sure some artists use abstract metaphors or art as a way to release their emotions, hence the artwork becomes a representation of those emotions. But I honestly don’t think that every single piece of art or writing has a deep meaning behind it. Sometimes we just create things that look pretty and write things that sound nice. I just think it’s really interesting how people have this need to find meaning in things that really, are meaningless.. so that’s what I want to do today!

I wrote some poems using predictive text and they were honestly not bad, and seeing as my computer/phone just created them by suggesting words for me, they have no meaning. So I want to see what kind of meanings I can derive from them, because I think it will be fun. First however, I want to revamp them to help them make a little more sense and make them more my style. But, I don’t want to completely take away the concepts or stories of them so I have a couple of rules.

  1. I am allowed to add words, take words away and switch a word for something that would fit better.
  2. I am allowed to remove lines or switch the order of lines.
  3. However, I am not allowed to add entirely new lines.

Click here to read the originals. Now for the remastered poems and meaning in the meaningless!


Today is the best day
To do anything.
I’m going somewhere
To do something.
I don’t have any idea
Where I’m going,
But I’m going somewhere
To do a little more
Than anything
Although I’m not sure what that is.

I see this poem as being about seizing the moment and just doing what the heart desires and letting the world take you where it wants to take you. ‘Today is the best day to do anything’ is somewhat of a ‘now or never’ kind of phrase. ‘I’m going somewhere to do a little more than anything’ is saying that I’m just going to go where my heart desires to do what my heart desires, and the ‘little more’ is fate guiding me.

A little more

I just think
I have to do a little more than anything
Because I’m wondering
What you think of me and you.
I want a little bit more
I just want a little
Something else.

I have to put more effort into this relationship that what I currently am. The ‘anything’ is me doing whatever I feel like, but perhaps I need to think more about my actions and words. I want something more from the relationship but I’m not sure if you think the same.

More than just the story

Do you ever think of
This story you told me?
I’ve had a feeling I will never
be able to create a story myself.
But you might be a little more likely to,
And I think I can get a bit more
Than just the story.

You told me a story but I think there is more to it than just what you’ve told me. However, the rest of the story isn’t something I can fabricate or create myself, but I think I can get more from you.

A new way

I think this might be
The first time
I’ve been able to see
In a new way.
The first time I’ve ever seen
The way you think.
It seems to be the only
Way to see.

Seeing the way you think has opened my eyes in a new way and has allowed me to see a whole different and new you.

Without a dream

A night without a dream
Is to be
A night without you.

The above two poems were originally one but I thought the second one worked better standing alone. ‘Without a dream’ means that you are no longer in my life and now only exist in my dreams, so if I go a night without dreaming, I won’t get to see you.

Never dream of dreams

Last night I had a dream
That I would never dream
of my dreams
And I have to remember that.
Sometimes people don’t know
How to control their own mind
And sometimes it seems
That people are just thinking of
The story of a story
And how much more time
Is left to happen.
But this story far beyond
Just normal
For me to sleep.

I need to remember to never dream of my pipe dreams (as in my wishes that will never come true), because dreams sometimes feel real and I don’t want to feel sad when I wake up. ‘People are just thinking of the story of a story’ refers to the fact that people fabricate an alternate world in their day dreams, trying to continue the stories from during the night as if to make their life seem more like their dreams. People are conscious about how much time is left in their lives for them to be able to follow their dreams. But this story, the story of my life right now, is beyond what I would usually expect from normal life, so I don’t want to sleep and dream. Because real life is just as good.

See you again

I love you
And your mind
I think you are the most beautiful
And wonderful
And I’m so happy
To be able to see you

This one’s pretty self explanatory.

To be a dream

I want to find some people
Who don’t know me
Because it never matters
What they want me to say.
Why do they think
I will be the same thing
As they remember?
How do you tell the story
Of people
Who have been victims
In their dreams?
And maybe the best way
To find a story
Is always going to be
To create.
It seems to me that this can happen
When you are in a state of faith
And a state of love.
My dream
Is to be a dream.
The question is how do I know
What that means,
And what they have been through
In their own life.
How can I sleep
And be a dream?

I want to meet new people because they have no expectations of me. I can start anew without people always thinking I will be the same. I want to be someone that people can look up to and be inspired by but how can I do that when I don’t know what people want to be, what they’ve been through and what they’re dreams are. Perhaps the best way to find stories in people is to create and discover what it is that people are touched by, relate to and find meaning in.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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