I wasn’t sure whether I was going to do a post like this – a reflection of last year. I just wasn’t entirely sure whether if was important or a completely worthwhile pursuit, simply because nothing has really changed except the numbers we use to label our days and life is still moving forward so what’s the point in looking back? However, I decided that I would just compile a short list of my favourite things I did this year, some of my accomplishments and some things I learned. Because sometimes if we forget to really reflect, we can forget just how amazing each and everyone of us are, because human brains are programmed to focus more on negative things. So I thought that reflecting on positives will help me believe in myself more and help me to have a very positive and hopeful outlook on the year ahead of me.

My favourite things I accomplished:

  • My book: I wrote, designed, illustrated and published a book! I think my favourite part about this is the fact that I have been able to present some of my writing as an actual final piece of work rather than just scattered scribbles in notebooks. It has been one of the most exciting and rewarding things that has happened so far, that’s for sure! (you can check it out or buy it here if you want)
  • Expectations: I think I had an amazing year in 2017 in terms of accomplishments. I don’t want to list them all, but I will say that I exceeded my expectations many many times, going far further in competitions than I ever expected and achieving far higher scores academically than I ever expected. So, I guess what I can take from this is that I really underestimate myself.
  • Becoming myself: More of a personal accomplishment but I really felt that I grew into myself this year. I feel like I matured and grew a whole awful lot and I have become more grounded and sure about the path I’m on and what I believe in. To feel sure and secure is an amazing feeling.

Some things that I learned:

  • Labels mean nothing and just because people call themselves your friend doesn’t mean they are actually your friend. Recognise those who are your real friends and hold onto them. Sometimes your true friends are the ones you least expect.
  • You can achieve way more than you think you can if you just give things a try.
  • Don’t be afraid to push yourself to do things. Even just little things like starting that assignment or cleaning your room. Don’t let yourself procrastinate or say no because you’re scared. Just push yourself and it will be extremely rewarding.
  • For more things I’ve learned in life, read my 18 things I learned in 18 years post. I didn’t want to repeat myself.

Other favourites:

Favourite experience:

  • I went to the Gold Coast for an awards ceremony and met some amazing, encouraging and supportive people.
  • It was also my first time on a plane!

The best decision I made this year: To cut my hair short!!

My favourite poem I wrote this year: Masterpiece

My favourite books I read:

  • Fiction: Holding up the Universe by Jennifer Niven
  • Poetry: Whiskey, Words and Wisdom I, II and III by r.h. sin.
  • Honourable mention: The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories

My favourite YouTube channels this year (and videos by them that I found particularly inspiring:

Favourite song:

Honestly I couldn’t pick and even if I could I wouldn’t remember.


I think that’s all. Looking forward to a great 2018 and even more wonderful experiences, favourites and lessons to be learned!






Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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