I found a song
That is more a story
With lyrics speaking more
Than words
But emotions.
Instruments playing more
Than a tune
But screeching with ache
Yearning to be heard
Like the bow
Is slicing across my skin
Instead of a violin.
This song transports me
To the heart of another
And makes me feel heartache
That I could only ever imagine,
As the music
Penetrates more
Than my ears
And my mind,
Forcing tears from my eyes
As the sound gripping at my throat
Won’t let the hurt
Escape from anywhere else.
It seeps into my veins
Like poison
As it hardens my blood
And splits me into a million pieces,
My skin now nothing
But tectonic plates
Colliding around my heart.
I have been broken open
With nothing but music
And left in silence
And darkness
When it ends.
On the heart of another
With their ache
Wrapped around
My own heart
Breaking me
With just the thought
Of even the possibility
Of this kind of pain
Living in a person.

It kills me to feel
Them hurting.

But I keep listening
By their ability
To leave me stunned
With a broken heart
From just words
Of another’s pain.
Yearning to know
Where they find this power.
Because this is the kind of art
I wish I could create.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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