My heart is like a vessel
And with every break it leaks.
As the water gushes in,
Under the heaviness, it creaks.

And with every fracture
The ship sinks deep below the sea.
The waters that are your words
Rippling waves inside me.

The drowning won’t last forever though,
There is always a breath of fresh air.
Surfacing the sinking ship
But never mending the tear.

But I’ll hardly even notice the pool
As the ship, it slowly rusts.
Until I venture to the lower deck
To see what’s keeping away the dust.

I see a world of things that I’d forgotten
Out of the window to the sea.
I see a world that stretches farther than
My whole ship’s capacity.

The fishes swim like memories
But they aren’t quite what I remember.
They all seem far more ghostly
Than they did last November.

They are beautiful from my window
And reflected in the pool.
But how I wish I could touch them
Instead of just admiring them like jewels.

So I return to the surface
And let the fresh breeze blow my hair
So it can wash away my impossible wish
That only causes despair.

But still from almost every corner
I can see the deep sea view.
Because there will always be a part of me
That is filled up with you.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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