I feel as though sometimes, I live too much in the future. I worry far too much about my plans for what will be, and the things that I want to be able to do, but can’t due to certain circumstances. I’m too caught up on the fact that once I have what I plan to have and have been able to do what I want to do, that then I’ll be happier. But the thing is, as time keeps plodding by, or flying by, I will continue to find more things I want to do, and I will continue to make more plans. Ultimately, I will never reach this godly state of pure happiness that I seem to think will happen upon me at some point. Really, it’s like a perpetual loop. I’m constantly going to be chasing what I want and seeking further happiness, without realising that what I currently have, was once among those things that were just an idea or a yearning. I, and everyone else, have the capability of being happy if we only learn to look at and appreciate what we have. If we learn that we have all the bricks right in front of us that we need to build happiness, if only we could see them. We need to enjoy what we have before things change and we no longer have them. Because it may be the things we forget to appreciate that we end up missing the most when we end up with what we so desperately ‘wanted’. So that is my goal for this year. To keep what I already have closer to me than what I want. Because it is often this yearning for things I cannot have right now that brings me down. But with time, those things will come to us naturally, and the journey will be far more enjoyable if we watch the flowers around our feet instead of just the mountains in the distance that we can barely see.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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